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Night Vocabulary

English IV

1 2 3
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16 17                  

4.able to be held or used; able to defended against attack; adj.
6.to take power or position by force or illegally; v.
7.an attractive appearance that covers/disguises someone's true feelings or nature; n.
10.the occurence of events by chance or luck; n.
12.a supreme ruler; n./possessing ultimate power; adj.
17.accepting willingly without protest; v.
18.scold; find fault with someone; v.
19.severely critical; scornful
20.loud; harsh; presenting a p.o.v. in an unpleasant way; adj.
1.a trick; n.
2.unruly; difficult to control; quarrelsome
3.second to last; adj.
5.abrupt in speech or manner; adj.
8.bitterness, resentment; n.
9.infringe or go beyond the bounds of a moral principle; v.
11.extremely bad, wicked; adj.
13.to abstain from; avoid using; v.
14.extreme anger; n.
15.to bring under control or dominion; to make someone subordinate to; v.
16.to shorten by cutting off the top or end; v.

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