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1.Non-existant key new users can't find on the keyboard
3.Tool used to see all IP processes
6.Telephone used for diagnostics
11.Software tool to tell all hops on the way to a destination host
12.tool used to read all packets to analyze traffic
13.Tool to see latency to each hop on a route
14.Basic Function Reset Button
15.How do you fix a computer that won't turn on since the cleaning crew was there
17.Problem in chair, not in computer
18.used to find the distance to a break in a Fiber Optic line
2.Take the problem to an expert
3.Windows tool to see information about NetBios
4.Tool to tell voltage, resistance, capacitance and continuity
5.Process of making a remotely-connected computer seem local
7.Tool used to test the capability of a network run
8.When routers pass packets back and forth, but never reach the destination
9.Tool used to get to the "bare" wire
10.Tod and Copper from the disney movie (also used to tone out network lines)
15.Problem exists between chair and Keyboard
16.Error used to describe an inexperienced computer user

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