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Karina Vega

2   3
    7   8
  10 11              

4.The quantitative relation between two amounts showing the number of times one value contains or is contained within the other
5.The inverse function of the cosine; the angle that has a cosine equal to a given number.
9.The inverse function of the tangent; the angle that has a tangent equal to a given number adjacent- Next to or adjoining something else
11.The inverse function of the sine; the angle that has a sine equal to a given number.
12.Longest side of the triangle
1.A theorem attributed to Pythagoras that the square of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is equal to the sum of the squares of the other.
2.mnemonic for remembering how to calculate sine, cosine, and tangent
3.Trigonometric function that is equal to the ratio of the side adjacent to an acute angle to the hypotenuse.
6.When two lines intersect, four angles are formed right triangle with a right angle
7.Polyhedron composed of four triangular faces, three of which meet at each vertex
8.A straight line or plane that touches a curve or curved surface at a point, but if extended does not cross it at that point.
10.Function of an angle, In a right triangle.

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