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1.This terrorist group denies the right of Israel to exist
4.This region of Africa has some of the highest HIV/AIDS rates in the world
8.This Australian animal species' population is falling due to urbanization
10.Tourism which protects the environment
12.This landlocked country has one of the highest child marriage rates in the world.
14.A large amount of water is driven toward shore due to a storm
15.The ceremony that marks the transfer of a daughter to her husand's familiy
17.The ability to read and write
18.Some people of this region want independence from Canada
21.The native people of Australia
24.This European nation is experiencing a major financial crisis
2.This European nation provides healthcare and other services for its citizens
3.The brown tree snake is responsible for the extinction of many bird species on this island
5.This extremist communist group attempted a peasant revolt in Peru
6.This country was originally colonized as a prison
7.This country has successfully implemented ecotourism
9.This South American nation has strained relations with Great Britain about control of the Falkland Islands
11.Two men provide each other with new brides by exchanging female relatives
13.This Asian nation is enriching uranium to create nuclear weapons
16.Poorest country in the western hemisphere
19.South American country with a growing middle class
20.This Asian nation implemented a one-child policy to controls its population
22.This region of Australia is arid and sparsely populated
23.This terrorist group recruits child soldiers

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