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Algebra I Terms


1         2
4                     5
8                 9                
10 11               12            
  14         15              
18   19               20
  21 22        
          28           29

1.the acronym for the order of operations
4.the number in front of the variable
8.an algebraic expression with three terms
9.taking the square root of this type of number gives a non Real number
10.the letter in an expression
12.a term that goes into another term
13.the value of any number raised to the zero power
14.the process by which you multiply two binomials
15.the number by itself in an expression
17.the graph of this is in the shape of a "u"
19.an algebraic expression with two terms
23.the graph of this is in a "v" shape
26.(-3,0) is an example of this
27.another name for linear combination
28.the graph of this is a straight line
30.when an exponent is raised to another exponent, you _______ the exponents
2._____ _______ uses powers of ten to express decimal numbers
3.a number whose square root is an integer is a ______ ______
5.when dividing common bases, you ______the exponents
6.the average of the bases times the height gives the area of a _________
7.the peak of the graph of a quadratic function
11.when multiplying common bases, you ______ the exponents
16.pi times diameter gives the __________ of a circle
18.(0,5) is an example of this
20.four times the length is the ___________ of a square
21.the process of "breaking down" a trinomial into two binomials
22.an algebraic expression with "many" terms
24.the square root of a negative number is called an _________ number
25.length times width gives you the area of a ________
29.the change in y divided by the change in x

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