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Entrepreneurs Crossword

Aaron Nguyen

3 4  
    5 6  
7                 8        
    9 10                    
        11             12      
14 15                    
16               17    

2.a company of people
7.creating something that no one has seen before
8.A place to store money
10.buying a product that will increase in price
11.being able to handle obstacles alone
15.improving a product by adding on
16.a person’s occupation
18.personal desire for something
19.having the upper hand
20.risky and daring path
1.a person who owns and operates their own business
3.property that belongs to a person
4.being able to work at anytime
5.the willingness of a person to do something
6.running a business with a friend
9.to promote sales on a product
12.factories send products to businesses
13.reward for working hard
14.finding material for a project
17.work performed by a person

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