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Fastening Wood

Mr. Logan

Use chapters 15-17 in your textbook to find the answers to the questions.

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4.One of the two basic kinds of hardware.
6.The diameter of screws are measured in _____________ sizes from0 to 24.
7.Never try to install screws partway with a _________________.
8.This type of adhesive comes in two parts and must be mixed in exact proportions.
9.This type of adhesive is commonly used for bonding laminate or veneer to wood (2 words)
11.On some butt hinges, the leaves are ___________ to allow for a closer fit.
13.Before installing screws, the wood must be ______________ for the screws.
15.A screw-mate drill cuts a countersink, a shank clearance hole and a ________ hole all at once.
16.Mechanical drawer guides are attached to the sides or ___________ of a drawer.
17.When gluing pieces of wood together to make a wider board, alternate the pieces so the _________ rings on the ends face in opposite directions.
18.Material that most hinges are made of.
1.This clamp is often used to glue up multisided projects such as a chair frame. (2 words)
2.Countersinking is a way of enlarging the top portion of a hole so the head of a _____________ screw will be flush with the wood surface.
3.____________ catches are used most often on furniture and kitchen cabinets.
5.A special kind of fastener that has a wood-screw thread on one end and a metal-screw thread on the other. (2 words)
7.Wooden parallel clamps that come in sizes from 6 to 20 inches long. (2 words)
10.Lamination is the process of building up the thickness of material by gluing and clamping together several layers of _____________.
12.A semi-concealed hinge for a lip door has an ___________ that fits the rabbet cut in the door.
13.Another name for white or yellow liquid resin glue.
14.On a roller catch, the __________ are spring loaded.

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