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OZ Penguins

Char Schweinfurth

Oregon Zoo of Portland, Oregon has a colony of Humboldt penguins.

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3.Unlike birds that fly, penguins have ______ bones
5.Once a year the penguins lose all their feathers at once
6.Penguins generally lay two ____ during breeding season
10.The alternate name of their species, showing where they are from
11.Thinks he is the star of the colony
13.Though they would never be found together in nature, the penguins are currently camping out by the _______
14.Generally what their walk is referred to
16.The number of penguins currently found in the flock
17.Though they do their flying in water, they are still this type of animal
18.Their coloring is black, white, and ______
1.Penguins live ______ of the equator
2.What the volunteers put in and Crash searches to take out
4.The type of weather our penguins live in, not snow
7.What the penguins produce that would be very good for your garden
8.Instead of wings these birds use _______
9.The type of penguins found at the zoo
12.The noise the penguins make
15.One of their favorite type of fish

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