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Miss Garner

A level questions relating to Enzymes

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5.The enzyme ficin can be found in this exotic fruit
7.Enzymes are organic C_________; controlling reactions in living cells but remaining unchanged after the reaction.
10.Responsible for the break down of protein during digestion.
13.Metabolic process for 'building up'
14.Enzymes added to meat after slaughter to soften proteins
17.Group of enzymes that control reactions with water
19.Diluted form of the enzyme rennin, the enzyme used to make cheese.
20.The gas used in modified atmosphere packaging to replace oxygen, preventing oxygen loving enzymes damaging the food.
22.Enzymes cause R________of fruits, eg. Starch converts to sugar in bananas
23.Enzyme activity is S______ by sub zero temperatures but not stopped.
1.The most widely used source of enzymes is this handy member of the fungus family
2.Present in human saliva to break down amylose and amylopectin (in starch)
3.The minimum %age of water needed for enzymes to work
4.Metabolic process for 'breaking down'
6.Enzymes will only cause a reaction with their own one of these - they are picky!
8.Group of enzymes that control oxidation (the removal of hydrogen)
9.The number of enzymes in the human body
11.Reacts with maltose
12.Enzymes are destroyed by high temperatures in this preservation method.
15.Enzymic B________ happens to fruit that is bruised or cut
16.Reacts with lactose
18.Reacts with sucrose
21.Break down lipids in the small intestine using this enzyme.

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