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The wreck of the Zanzibar

Kelly Tong

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1.Who did the main character’s twin brother go away with?
3.What did the main character milk every day?
5.What did the people on the island dislike to have?
8.What did the main character’s twin brother always do with his dad?
9.What did the main character find?
10.What did the main character see her mom doing after the twin brother had gone?
12.What is the name of the main character’s granny?
13.The main character’s twin brother
14.What did the main character’s dad think of her?
2.What did the main character want to ride on?
4.What did the main character feel when her twin brother had left?
6.Where did Joseph take the main character’s twin brother to?
7.The main character in the story
11.Where did the main character live?

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