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Individual Differences Revision

Sue Cheshire

This puzzle tests keys concepts from the topics of Personality, Attitudes, Achievement Motivation, Aggression and Attribution Theory.

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5.failure is inevitable (2 words)
8.the name given to the motivation to achieve in sport
9.one limitation of profiling
11.B=F (PxE)
12.trait theory of Personality states all behaviour is this .
16.this type of aggression will lead to higher levels of anger and could lead to a loss of HBL
18.mental strategies to reduce aggression
20.attribution retraining improves this in a person and can lead to a HBL.( 2 words)
23.this theory explains the reasons performers give for winning and losing
24.one of Eysenck's personality traits
25.this behaviour rejects a challenge
26.the name given to any cause leading to aggression
1.this theory needs to make the recipient want to change their attitudes
2.key element in the formation of attitudes from early childhood
3.this relates to the degree of pleasure experienced when success is achieved. 2 words
4.observed behaviour ofa significant other is often termed this according to social learning theory
6.the people, subject or situation towards which an attitude is directed
7.research about relationship between personality and sports behaviour
10.this degree of competitiveness in personality trait attributes success to external factors ( 2 words)
13.a single characteristic of personality
15.frustration can lead to aggression if the situation does this to the trait.
17.no intention to harm and within the rules of the game
19.personality is said to be long lasting
21.this personality type likes to to work fast, prone to stress and is highly competitive
22.the feelings towards an attitude object

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