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80's Pop Music Stars

Branham HS Fine Arts Seminar

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5                   6
    7           8
10 11      
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1.Rogers Nelson
5.The late 80's iconic Heavy metal band
7.An advanced Digital Interface for musicians
9.White rap trio
12.The Biggest selling album of all time.
14.Little Red...
15.the style of Public Enemy
16.Dr. ...
18.First album was "Radio"
19.Rap music was also called...
2.Birth place of Rap
3.Eddie and Alex...
4.Ice Ice Baby
5.Biggest female star of the 80's.
6.Thriller's superstar.
8.These replaced the LP record.
10.The first rock video station that debuted in 1981.
11.______________ sampling
13.The group New Order produced this type of rock

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