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Physical Education


Comprehensive of all pe units covered

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34             35          

1.Dribble in soccer with
3.The object you hit in Badminton
6.Part of the head for headers in soccer
7.Player who can use hands in soccer
10.Serve is in and not touched
11.What you are playing if your team doesn't have the ball
13.Type of basketball pass
14.Start a basketball game
16.Touchdown points
19.Last step in shooting a basketball
20.Arm and Chest muscle exercise
23.Part of the tennis racket
26.Football player that runs the ball on offense
27.The boundary line in Basketball is
28.Equipment needed in badminton
32.Football player who catches the ball thrown by the QB
33.Type of basketball pass
34.Set the volleyball with your
36.Start a soccer game with
2.Type of volleyball serve
4.Number of soccer players
5.Name of an arm muscle
6.Line that you shoot basketball foul shots
8.Start the tennis match with a
9.Cheap piece of equipment that gives you a good workout
12.Number of Volleyball players
15.Type of Volleyball pass
17.Part of foot to pass the ball with
18.Part of our warmup
21.Rotation in Volleyball
22.Football player who leads the offense
24.Abdominal muscle exercise
25.Field goal points
29.Number of basketball players
30.Name of a tennis stroke
31.Number of laps in a mile
35.The boundary line in Volleyball and tennis is

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