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Football Fanatics

Tyler Shaw

A Crossword describing the positive effects football has on America.

1 2
3 4      
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15         16                 17

4.Tickets for football games cost just ___ Dollar in the early 1900s.
5.Large college football team located in LA.
6.First African American football player. (Last name only)
8.Organization the NFL donates to. (2 Words)
12.Team that had the first African American player (2 Words)
13.Job, held by people like ESPN's Chris Berman, that football creates.
15.Mascot of the college in State College, PA.
18.Number of NFL teams (2 Words)
1.A football player often becomes a _____, someone kids look up to. (2 Words)
2.One of the first professional football teams. From Canton, Ohio.
3.A _______ is given to athletes to attend college for free.
7.Largest football game (2 Words)
9.6th Most charitable celebrity in the US. Plays DE for the Lions. (2 Words)
10.Ryan _____, QB of the Bills, attended Harvard.
11.Number of players on the field for one team during a game.
14.The ____ 60 program was created by the NFL to encourage kids to be active.
16.Largest football league in America.
17.By creating jobs, football helps the _______.

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