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Lamentations, Baruch, Ezekiel,& Second Isaiah

Mr. Derrell

1             2
  3 4   5  
  6   7  
10                     11 12        
13                 14             15
16                     17          
18                 19              
20   21         22              
23         24        

1.he had a vision of a valley filled with these
4.he was told not to grieve after her death
8.writings about the return to Jerusalem, the Promised One, The Messiah,
9.chapter 6 of Baruch was attributed to this prophet
10.to raise the hopes of the people was this to Second Isaiah
12.Israel is to be this to other nations
13._____________ instead of thornbushes
14.Ezekiel was deported to this empire
16.these idols have tongues smoothed by whom
17.each could have been written by a different one of these
18.it was written after their fall
19.Ezekiel had these
20.sent by God to overthrow the Babylonians
23.his people were given a new one of these.
24.Lamentations is a collection of five hymns of _____________
25.Baruch was thought to have been written by one of these faithful fellows of Jeremiah
2.appears in Second Isaiah
3.Ezekiel was one of these
5.the first, second and fourth chapters are _____________ laments
6.each chapter is a separate one of these
7.babylonian God
11.you can achieve this through suffering
15._____________ instead of nettles
21.Second Isaiah is about Israel"s ___________to Jerusalem
22.Baruch was written after and for this but also meant for the Dispersion
23.sweet as this

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