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Active Directory Administration

B. Scales

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1.These accounts are used to access Active Directory or network-based resources, such as folders or printers.
5.____________ are implemented to allow administrators to assign permissions to multiple users simultaneously.
6._____________ _____________ defines how a group is to be used within Active Directory.
8.The accounts that are automatically created when Microsoft Windows Server 2008 is installed. The default accounts that are created include: Administrator or Guest accounts.
9.________________ groups are used to consolidate goups and accounts that either span mulitple domains or span the entire forest.
11.The _________________ ________________ controls which objects the group can contain, limiting the objects to the same domain or permitting objects from remote as well, and controls the location in the domain or forest where the group can be used.
14._______________ _____________ can be used to automate many routine or repetitive tasks.
2.When a user logs on, an ______________ _____________ is created that identifies the user and all of the user's group memberships.
3.These accounts are used to access the local computer only and are stored in hte local ________________ ________________ _______________________ database on the computer where they reside.
4._______________ ______________ describes the process of configuring one or more groups as members of another group.
7._________________ __________________ groups are used to assign persmission to resources that reside only in the same domain as the domain local group.
10.This command-line utility can be used to add, delete, or modify objects in Acticve Directory, in addition to modifying the schema.
12.This command line utility is used to import or export Active Directory information from a comma-separated value file.
13.________________ groups can be used to share or deny permissions to any resource located in any domain in the forest.

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