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Our Family in Crossword

Carri Lynn Rice

  2 3 4
5     6    
8   9              
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      14 15
16         17   18        

5.Truly loves telling stories to good listeners
9.Spent a lot of time sleeping on the floor here before marrying spouse
10.Not yet kissed - last one with innocent lips we have left
11.Snuck her first kiss at age 13 with a young clogger she knew "was good for it"
12.Played Bubbles in sister Powerpuff Girls trio because she was blond and sweet
16.Currently enjoys being topless
18.Almost engraved "I love you Sweet Rye" inside husband's wedding band
19.Met a spunky blond (now married to) on a blind date
1.Got his own room for the first time recently; favorite color is orange
2.Once had a wall full of Elvis photos in the basement
3.Told spouse while dating "Out of my league" song matched how he felt
4.Has 5 younger brothers and 7 attractive children
6.Wrote husband a love note using Reba lyrics "I get drunk on your kiss" etc.
7.Road his bike to piano lessons with older sister
8.Found her first love at EFY
13.Played Blossom in sister Powerpuff Girls trio because she was the beautiful leader
14.Has never changed their mixed favorite color
15.Found out she was her husband's girlfriend as he told his family
17.Played Buttercup (for no apparent reason) in sister Powerpuff Girls trio

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