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7th semester 2 review

1 2
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57             58            

3.hairlike projections used to help protozoans move
5.keeps the brown algae floating upright
10.stiff, but flexible covering to give the ciliates shape
12.close relationship between two species that benefits at least one of the species
13.any living thing
14.living parts of an environment
16.response to touch in plants
17.support the blades of the brown algae
22.dividing layers of a stem that produces new xylem and phloem
23.tiny, nonliving particle that invades and multiplies inside a host
24.virus that infects a bacteria
27.structures that eliminate excess water from the cell
29.has two nuclei, moves with cilia
30.struggle between organisms to survive as they attempt to use the same resources
31.outer layer of woody stems
36.asexual reproduction in bacteria
37.anchor brown algae to rocks
38.respons to light in plants
39.structure that contains a young plant in a protective covering
40.closely resembles plants, has green pigment
41.animal-like protists
44.branching, threadlike tubes that make up the bodies of fungi
48.plantlike protists
50.prokaryote with a cell wall and a flagella
51.sexual reproduction in bacteria
52.rootlike structure that anchors moss and absorbs water and nutrients
53.group of land ecosystems with similar climates and organisms
55.small, rounded, thick-walled resting cell in bacteria
56.evolutionary history of a species
57.molds and yeasts are examples of these
58.used to detect light
59.a tiny cell that is able to grow into a new organism
1.plants that complete their life cycle in one growing season
2.the embryo begins to grow in this process
4.nonliving parts of an environment
6.organism that breaks down dead organism
7.living thing that provides a source of energy for a virus
8.heating food to a high temperature to kill harmful bacteria
9.grouping of objects or information based on similarities
11.broadest level of classification
15.temporary bulges in the cells of protozoans
18.study of how living things interact with each other and the environmetn
19.response to gravity of plants
20.two part naming system
21.branch of science that groups and names organisms based on different characteristics
25.long whiplike structure used for movement
26.series of predictable changes that occur in a community
28.seed leaves
32.movement of organisms from one place to another
33.behaviors and physical characteristics that allow an organism to live successfully in their environment
34.two or more atoms that act as a unit
35.a biological system of classification based on phylogeny
36.study of where an organism lives
42.role of an organism in its habitat or how it makes a living
43.older inactive xylem in stems
45.tiny structures that contain cells that will become sperm in plants
46.leaf of a fern
47.organisms that live in or on a host and harms it
49.type of root with many similar roots in a tangled mass
54.first part of the scientific name

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