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History of Rock 'n' Roll

Use your notes to complete the puzzle on the History of Rock 'n' Roll.

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1.Recently popular British boy band, "The _______"
6.Used on a blues guitar to create the distinct blues guitar sound
8.A type of music that is a blend of folk and hillbilly music
9.Ended in 1865
10.Blues musician
11.Brought music from Africa to North America
13.The band instrument that Mrs. Savage played in public school, high school and university (2 Words)
16.Increasing loudness using electrical equipment
19.A recording method that made it possible to record different sections of a band: double ___________
20.A copied song
21.This female performer began her start in the 1980s with such hits as "Holiday" and "Like a Virgin" and continues to be a popular performer today
22.Sam Perkins discovered this singer
23.Famous Blues musician
2.Famous Rhythm and Blues musician
3.A British performer known for her big hits, "Someone Like You" and "Rollng in the Deep"
4.Combining different styles of music
5.African music provides a lot of this
7.Blues instrument
12.Early roots of Rock and Roll came from this place
14.A band from the 1960s the often remade old rhythm and blues songs (2 Words)
15.An auxiliary instrument used to add variety to the sound of popular bands
17.A popular British rock group in the 1960s that had a large impact on young people with their long hair and "rebellious" ways
18.D.J. who made rhythm and blues popular in Cincinatti
19.Number of bars in a blues verse

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