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Judgemeadow Geography Revision

Mr Hall

1         2        
  4 5   6 7
8                         9      
14     15                          
        16               17  
18 19                    

1.a low pressure weather system
8.the global climate change policy agreed at a city in Japan
11.when people of different ethnicities choose to live in different areas of a city
13.the point where 2 slabs of the Earth's surface meet
14.a graph to show the population structure of a place
16.an area on one side of a mountain that experiences drier conditions
18.a measure of the number of people that are born in a country
20.the soaking of water into the ground surface
22.this erupts a minimum of 1000cubic kilometres of ash, rock and gas
23.this will bring calm, settled weather
2.a place where people have no legal right to the land their homes are on
3.An area of a country that is protected for its natural beauty or cultural heritage
4.the method London used to reduce traffic problems
5.a type of river management that works with the natural processes
6.a sustainable city in Brazil
7.a sustainable form of tourism
9.the vertically sided valley that is left as a waterfall retreats upstream
10.a tourist destination that attracts visitors in large numbers
12.this is increasing and causing global warming
15.the process of the proportion of people living in towns and cities increasing
17.the feature that is left as a meander is cut off
19.mostly consists of terraced housing
21.an LEDC that was massively affected by an earthquake in 2010

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