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Judgemeadow Geography Revision

Neneh Patel

Words from restless earth, weather and climate and tourism

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1.The height above sea level
4.A holiday resort in Jamaica
8.When paths get worn away as a result of too many tourists
10.An industry that uses the natural and man-made qualities to attract visitors
13.A fold mountain range in the west of South America
19.The plate boundary where two plates move away from each other
20.The effect of rainfall moving across an area of high relief
2.A low pressure weather system
3.The type of rainfall where two fronts meet
5.The plate boundary where two plates slide past each other
6.A model for the progression of a tourist resort
7.The plate boundary where an oceanic plate gets subducted below a continental plate
9.Tourism within your own country
11.Islands that are popular for ecotourism, 97% of the islands are protected areas
12.Distance from the sea
14.Tourism that makes the most of extreme and often remote environments
15.A town in Gloucestershire that flooded in July 2007
16.A type of tourism that occurs when lots of people visit an area
17.A high pressure weather system
18.A previously popular UK seaside town that suffered a decline in toruism

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