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Catching Fire Crosswrod

Jillian Campbell

2 3      
6 7       8          
10               11        
14     15          

3.A person with no tounge who has to serve in the capitol
4.A male tribute from district 4
7.The place where a stash of weapons, food ect. are at the beggining of each anual hunger games
9.Once every 25 years there is a special hunger games
10.A weapon communly used by Finnick in the arena
11.The place where the anual Hunger Games take place
13.A female tribute from district 7
14.Each year one boy and girl from each district are choosen as __________.
16.A female tribute from district 4
1.The place tributes travel to for training
2.There are _______s 1- 12.
5.Things used to kill other tributes in the arena
6.A male tribute from district 12
8.An act of rebellion against the capitol
12.A female tribute from district 12
15.A male tribute from district 3

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