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Psychogical Treatments for Schizophrenia

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4.In Psychoanalysis the therapist attempts to create this
5.Process by which emotions are originally associated with one person are unconsciously shifted onto another person
7.CBT encourgaes the patient to test this in regards to their faulty beliefs
8.May not be suitable for CBT
9.Therapy that tries to uncover the unconscious
11.This is what psychoanalysis involves uncovering
1.They have argued that some forms of pychoanalysis are actually harmful
2.What patients may have - relates to appropriateness of CBT
3.Research methodology used used in Gould and Gottdiener's study
6.recommend that psychanalysis may be effective when combined with medicatiob
10.Did a meta analysis on the effectiveness of CBT
12.Name of the therapy in which they try to treat the disorder by changing the person's thoughts

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