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Oz Polar Bears

Char Schweinfurth

3   4       5            
  9 10            
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15         16          

3.Polar bears can see _______ and tend to like red and blue
5.Conrad is Tassul's big _________
7.Due to this, polar bears in the wild are losing the ice they usually hunt from (2 Words)
8.Though they would never be found together in nature, the _____ are currently camping out by the polar bears
9.Sometimes Tassul looks like she has been playing in mud when it is really her fur showing through due to her ________
11.Tassul can spend lots of time lumbering forward, then walking __________, over and over
14.Polar bears live ______ of the equator
15.The color of their fur
16.How many inches across Conrad's paw is
17.One of their favorite enrichments, makes them feel at "home"
1.Tassul can be a delicate little eater when she has these orange veggies
2.Due to this being passed the polar bears are looking forward to a modern new home (2 Words)
4.Polar bears are the ________ bears in the bear families
6.Help the keepers here at the zoo to get the chow ready and wash toys
10.Though their hair looks white it is really clear and _________
12.Their current exhibit looks like the area around Churchill, Manitoba, ________
13.No, they are not still celebrating St Patrick's Day, but at times their hair may look ____ due to algae
15.Conrad's favorite toy that he loves to hold under water and let "fly"

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