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Nervous System

1 2 3
4 5              
    6   7                
          10 11
14 15                
16   17                      

5.A structure that temporarily closes a passage or permit blood flow in only one direction
6.Affects the skin of the lower lip and chin (2 Words)
9.Supplies impulses to the upper part of the face
12.Affects the muscle of the chin, lower lip and external ear (2 Words)
13.Tree like branches of nerve fibers extending from the nerve cell
15.The nervous system is divided into how many subdivisions
16.Division of the sciatic nerve that passes behind the knee (2 Words)
18.Sensory motor nerve that supplies impulses to the fingers
19.Affects the little finger side of the arm and palm of the hand
20.Located at the side of the neck, affects the front and sides of the neck (2 Words)
1.Carries impulses or messages from the sense organs to the brain where the 5 senses are experienced (2 Words)
2.Sends the blood from the heart to the lungs to be purified (2 Words)
3.This nerve extends up from the toes, just under the skin
4.Affects the muscles of the upper part of the cheek
7.A well organized body system composed of the brain, spinal cord and nerves (2 Words)
8.An extension of a neuron through which impulses are sent away from the cell
10.The scientific study of the structure, function and pathology of the nervous system
11.Affects the muscle of the temple
14.This nerve is also known as the efferent nerve
17.The largest and most complex nerve tissue

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