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Infancy and Childhood

Tasha, Kira, Brendon, Shannarra, Chris, Logan, Debby

Vocab words for Infancy and Childhood. They are not spaced.

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3.Sense of independence; a desire not to be controlled by others.
6.The concept that things continue to exist even when they are out of sight.
7.knowledge of what behavior is appropriate for each gender.
9.Fear of unfamiliar people which usually emerges around 7 months, reaching its peak at 12 months and declining during the second year
10.Process by which children learn the behaviors and attitudes appropriate to their family and culture.
12.a little girl's knowledge that she is a girl, and little boy's knowledge that he is a boy.
14.is the stage of moral development in which one would interpret behavior in terms of its concrete consequences.
15.An automatic biological unfolding of development in an organism as a function of the passage of time.
1.is the point in which personal and strongly felt moral standards become guides for what is right and wrong, making the rules and laws of a particular society at a particular time irrelevant.
2.general beliefs about characteristics that men and women are presumed to have.
4.is the stage of moral development in which an adolescent defines right behavior as that which pleases or helps others and is approved by them.
5.the realization that gender does not change with age.
8.This explosion of development happens in the first two years of life alongside with the number of interconnections between neurons.
11.Emotional bond that develops in the first year of life that makes human babies cling to their caregivers for safety and comfort.
13.Unable to see things from another's point of view.

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