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Astronomy Spring Semester Final Review

Mrs. McSparin

1   2 3 4      
  5   6
7     8                    
  13 14                    
    19   20  
22 23                  
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28           29                

1.Color galaxies appear as they move away from us
3.The second planet from the sun
8.The name of our galaxy cluster
9.The name of our galaxy
11.The hypothesis of solar system formation that says all of the planets and the sun all formed from the same disk
14.Rock from space that hits the ground
15.The layer of the sun that comes after the radiation zone and the photosphere
16.Streak of light in the sky
18.A "kink" in the sun's magnetic field
21.The inner planets
23.The reaction that produces heat in the sun
24.Formed when a planet failed to form
25.The outer planets
28.The planet that could float in water
29.Space rock outside of our atmosphere
30.The planet that is tilted at 97 degrees
2.Where our solar system is located in our galaxy
4.What caused all of our craters to disappear?
5.How we see convection on the sun
6.The planets that have rings
7.Breaking an atom apart
10.Rapid expansion of the universe from a single point
12.When heat rises and cool sinks
13.Objects in space that are icy and have two tails as they approach the sun
16.The last inner planet
17.The hypothesis of solar system formation that says one star passed too closely to another star and material was ripped off to form the planet
19.Ejections of ionized gases that flow along magnetic lines
20.Type of galaxy that has no definite shape
22.Outer part of a galaxy where older stars are located
23.Bonding two atoms together under high pressure and heat
26.The layer of the sun where the energy is produced
27.Color galaxies appear as they approach us

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