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Outsiders 10-12


2 3 4      
5         6  
7             8     9
    10     11    
  12           13        
15   16                  
  19     20    

4.He said he felt like he was the middle of a tug o' war between his brothers
5.what Pony said he hated to eat
7.what Soda thought he would be, but what he wasn't because Sandy was unfaithful
8.Pony is still confused by what Johnny said when he said to 'stay ______.'
10.The last sentence of the book is the same as the _____.
12.the whole book is seen as a _____ because it goes back in time
14.He left a note for Pony saying 'it was worth it. It was worth saving those kids."
16.another book by the author (two words, no space)
17.He had a guy that was not loaded.
19.what Pony broke the end off to use a weapon if he had to do so
21.That was Then, This is ____ is another title of a book by this author
1.He had a concussion
2._______ Sheldon, the boy who Pony sees a picture of in the yearbook
3.Dally robbed a ______ store.
6.class that Pony struggled in now that he used to get A's in
7.Darry and Pony agree there will be no more ______
9.He was shot by police.
11.Darry yelled at Pony for doing this in bed.
12.Gender of the Author
13.Pony was ______ in his hearing.
15.the Soc that comes to see Pony
19.What Johnny left for Pony
20.another book by the author

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