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Threatened habitat


1 2
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  8                 9

4.species that have not been seen in the world during last 50 years
5.An international non profit organisation started by the tennis player Pat Cash in Asutralia
7.a community of organism interacting with one another
8.pollutants released from industry mixed with rain and returned to Earth.
10.Arm of the United Nations focusing on the protection of biodiveristy
11.includes all endangered, vulnerable and rare species
1.considered to be facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the world.
2.Non-profit organisation focusing on threats to habitat
3.the home of community of plants and animals
4.a species that is only found in a restricted place
6.the variety of living things
9.These species are trapped and hunted by the indigenous people in some areas of Madagascar because they believe these species are bad omens.

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