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Vitamin A horray!

By Richie Levine

Learn cool facts about Vitamin A!

2                       3
5 6        
9                         10    
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2.Helps cells devide.
4.___ ages 14-18 that need 700mcg of Vitamin A.
6.Dary product that has Vitamin A
7.Not a ___ soluble vitamin.
8.Plays an important role is helping the structure of your body grow.
9.Helps the development of the bones that you chew with.
11.Dairy product that has Vitamin A in it that is normally put on a sandwich.
16.What Vitamin this is about.
17.Symptom of Vitamin A Deficiency that happens at night.
19.Vitamin A is a ___ soluble vitamin.
20.The cells that cover your body that need Vitamin A to stay moist.
1.When someone has little or no Vitamin A in them they have ___.
3.Potatoes in a sweet form that contain Vitamin A.
5.Helps the ___ process. (Another word for making babies)
10.Helps the ___ adjust to light changes.
12.Substance found inside an uncooked egg that contains Vitamin A.
13.___ ages 14-18 that need 900mcg of Vitamin A.
14.Orange food that has Vitamin A in it.
15.The part of your body where you talk from that needs Vitamin A to stay moist.
18.The part of your body where you breath from that needs Vitamin A to stay moist.

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