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Yr9 EPR Revision

Mr J Beard

1 2 3
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9               10                        
      11 12                  
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  19       20             21            
  22         23  
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27         28       29        
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      33   34                   35
        36     37      

4.They should not bring up children.
9.Ideas and plans made by politicians in the hope of making life better for everyone.
10.What is the name of the London mayor who introduced the "Congestion Charge" to encourage people to use Public Transport rather than their cars?
12.Plato said they should be selected and trained to rule.
16.Punishment aimed at putting others off crime.
17.Technical term for the death sentence.
18.For many people their daily encounter with animals is at meal times as **** on their plates.
19.The Government gets its money from this to pay for its services.
20.He saw features of nature as members of his ******
21.When a criminal is truely sorry for their crime, they will show *******.
25.We are all guity of damaging the world each day by this feature of modern life.
26.Wrote the book "The Republic".
28.A system of Government where people vote for their leaders.
30.They are also known as Justices of the Peace. They deal with 96% of crime.
31.Leader of the Civil Rights Movement whose charismatic leadership led to justivce in the U.S.A.
32.8 out of ten criminals sent to these places return. It seems to show they do not put criminals off crime.
33.Country where some scientists and philosophers wanted three "Human Rights" for apes.
36.This Government department runs the Army, Navy and Air Force.
38.Treating some species of animals in an inferior way to other species.
39.This service has specialist social workers who work with criminals to try and reform them.
1.A good leader would want to ensure that their country is fair and there is equality. He would want it to be just.
2.This organisation provides free health care for everyone in Britain.
3.Opposite of justice, where there is is inequality and society is not fair.
5.Greenhouse gases are causing this problem.
6.A wise leader should have this?
7.Energy that can be obtained for ever without running out.
8.Caring and preserving our environment.
11.Damaging the land, air and water by human waste products.
13.Reusing of materials.
14.What were Guardians not allowed to own?
15.North American Indian who wrote a speech about the white man's lack of respect for nature.
22.An aim of punishment that tries to change offenders into law abiding criminals.
23.Punishment aimed at keeping us safe.
24.By making this cheaper and more comfortable some politicians believe many people would not use theirs cars.
27.Treating animals as if they are inferior to humans.
29.A good leader who is brave has this quality.
34.By simply doing this thousands of school children could help the environment.
35.Use less to stop pollution.
37.Deep understanding of someone elses feelings.

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