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Math 1

stephen byrd

2       3   4  
  6     7 8      
    15       16          

2.The point on an angle where the two sides intersect
7.In statistics, the difference between the largest and the smallest numbers in a data set.
9.A mathematical statement that says that two expressions have the same value; any number sentence with an =.
13.The distance around a circle.
15.In a data set, the sum of all the data points, divided by the number of data points; average
16.A measurement of space, or capacity.
17.Two points on a line, and all the points between those two points.
1.A type of average; the number (or numbers) that occurs most frequently in a set of data.
3.A number that indicates the operation of repeated multiplication
4.An angle whose measure is 90 degrees
5.Two lines are perpendicular if the angle between them is 90 degrees.
6.The side opposite the right angle in a right triangle
8.The distance of a number from zero; the positive value of a number.
10.The distance from the center to a point on a circle; the line segment from the center to a point on a circle.
11.A equation that states a rule or a fact
12.The middle number in a data set when the data are put in order; a type of average.

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