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Literary Terms

English Language Arts

Literary terms covered in class thus far

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3.stories that were first told, rather than being written down (2 Words)
5.a myth that tells the story of the beginning of the world (2 Words)
9.in literature, making something larger than it is; stretching the truth (sometimes called hyperbole)
11.a person or animal in a story, poem, or play
13.a story that teaches a lesson about life, called a moral, often with animals who act like humans
14.the difference between what is expected to happen in a story and what does happen
15.a story's time and place
16.the series of events in a story
1.a character that is based on a single trait or quality and is not well developed (2 Words)
2.giving characters such as animals or objects the characteristics of humans
4.the speech of a particular region of a country, or of a certain group of people
6.a story from folklore that features exaggerated characters who have fantastic adventures (2 Words)
7.the leading character in a story, novel, play, or film
8.stories, customs, and traditions preserved and passed along by people in a particular group
10.the focus, or main concern, of the plot of a story ( sometimes called the conflict)
12.a lesson or message about life told in a story

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