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Healthy Lifestyle Choices!


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1.The way a person feels about himself or herself, life and the world around them is called ____________ health.
4.The fitness of the body is called _____________ health.
7.The way we eat our food and the effect it has on our health
10.This is a harmful factor of mental health. To avoid this factor, try to express a positive attitude towards others and act according to socially acceptable values.
14.The ability of our body to stay strong and healthy.
15.A state of wellness. (2 Words)
16.The top three leading causes of death for both men and women of all ages are heart ______.
18.Physical ______ means doing little or no exercise, which may lead to having health-related diseases.
2.The sort of physical activity needed 60 minutes everyday
3.Death that occurs because of bad lifestyle behaviours (2 Words)
5.This happens when enough blood doesn't flow to the brain.
6.__________ is your body's way of responding to any kind of demand.
8.A nutrient guide created to help Canadians with their eating habits. (2 Words)
9.Poor __________ quality is a condition where the physical world around is poor.
11.The connection we have with other people such as family and friends.
12.The way a person gets along with other people is called ____________ health.
13.The basic component of food that helps to nourish our body.
17.This essential nutrient acts as a cushion to protect the heart and other important organs in the body.

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