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By I.N. Keskar

About the experimental method of psychology

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2.Some times experiments may be dangerous or ___________
4.Drafting the experiment
8.Important to validate a theory
11.Another name for the A-B-A design (2 Words)
12.The normal level of behaviour being observed
13.Factors other than the independent variable must be held _______.
14.Can have different values
15.The behaviour of the person in the experiment (2 Words)
1.Control groups are used for this reason
3.Can be manipulated by the experimentor (2 Words)
5.Every science needs this knowledge
6.Baseline method cannot be used when the effect of IV is _____________ (2 Words)
7.A testable statement
9.Before and after method give a god control over _______ differences
10.No independent variable given (2 Words)

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