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Latin America

Mrs. L

Final Review

1 2 3
  4             5                     6
    9           10
  14   15                  
      17           18  
  20                 21  
22       23          
  24   25   26                      
    29             30       31          

4.What famous landmark is located on Corcovado mountain in Rio
8.Country in Central America that does NOT have Spanish as an official language
11.First country in South America to raise cattle
12.Brazil has ____ states and 1 federal district
13.Festivities celebrates before Lent each year. Means farewell to meat.
15.Type of martial arts influenced by African slaves
16.Also known as 'The Marvelous City'
17.Capital of Brazil
19.Brazil's climate
20.Country with the lowest literacy rate in the Americas
23.Country that connects the Carribean with the Pacific
25.Largest city in South America
27.Country where Roman Catholic Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero was assassinated
28.President of Bolivia
29.Which country in Central America uses U.S. Currency
31.Main crop in El Salvador
32.This is a famous beach in Rio
33.Most popular sport in Latin America
1.liberator of South America
2.What does 'Ordem e progresso' mean (on the Brazilian flag)
3.First person to discover Brazil (3 words)
4.Country with highest literacy rate in Latin America
5.number of stars on the Brazilian flag
6.Second largest city in Brazil
7.The coldest region of Brazil is located in the ____________ part of the country
9.Brazil borders every country in South America except Ecuador and ___________
10.Brazil has this type of government
14.Only country in Central America that does not border 2 bodies of water.
18.Name of the famous waterfalls in Brazil and Argentina
21.predominant religion
22.official language
24.Largest city in Brazil
26.smallest and most densely populated country in Central America
30.60 % of this river is in Brazil

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