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1   2         3  
    5 6  
7             8            
10   11                  
14 15                    
      16           17

1.Somebody who works in a library lending people books is a(n) ..
7.Someone who fights in a war
8.Someone who cleans the rooms, etc
10.If you want to buy or sell a house you go to a(n) ...
12.Someone who checks your eyes and sells glasses and lenses
14.Someone who works for a newspaper, or TV station
16.Someone who operates on you if you are sick
18.Someone who delivers letters to your door
1.Someone you go to if you have legal problems
2.Someone who makes bread
3.Someone who designs new buildings
4.When you have trouble with your taps in the kitchen or the bathroom you call the...
5.You need this to turn screws
6.Someone who takes care of your teeth
9.Someone who cuts and does your hair
11.If you want to go on holiday you go to a(n) ...
13.Somebody who sells meat
15.Something you have in a kitchen to bake cakes, to roast meat...
17.Someone who takes care of ill people in a hospital

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