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Marrna Elberson Alex Long

Respiration Crossword puzzle.

1           2       3  
4   5 6                   7 8
  9 10                      
  11   12      
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19     20                      

1.Occurs in the absence of oxygen
4.Is combined with Pi to make ATP
6.First step of Cellular respiration
10.Is regenerated through the Krebs Cycle
13.Where hydrogen ions are pumped into
15.An enzyme that synthesizes ATP during Oxidative Phosphorylation
16.Where Krebs cycle and Oxidative Phophorylation occurs
17.Process of making ATP without oxygen
18.Process that requires oxygen at the end
19.Is regenrated by Anaerobic Respiration
20.Creation of proton gradient
2.Number of terms it takes to oxidize one glucose molecule in the Krebs Cycle
3.The end products are H2O and ATP
5.3 Carbon molecule Glucose is broken down into
7.Where Oxidative Phosphorylation occus
8.Where glycolysis takes place
9.Final electron acceptor
11.The break down of Acetyl CoA into carbon dioxide
12.NADH and FADH2
14.Another name for Krebs Cycle

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