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Carol Carlin, Jessica Atkinson, Kayley Swinson, Nicole Wostbrock

Plants:Phylogeny & structure and function

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1.You can count these to figure out a trees age (2 Words)
6.plants flowers in response to change in the amount of daylight and darkness
9.This type of plant tissue dies at maturity
10.This allowed for more surface area on the roots to absorbe more nutrients (2 Words)
13.This adaptation attracted insects with bright coloration and smell to help with pollenation
15.This plant group includes cedars, firs and pines.
17.The female part of a flower which includes the stigma, style and ovary
18.This was develpoed to protect a fertilized seed
19.This type of leave is an adaptation for protection
1.Vessel elements and __________ are the two types of plant cells
2.Phloem cells are made up of sieve tube elements and ________________ (2 Words)
3.Mosses and liverwarts are common ____________
4.These kinds of plants do not have any vascular tissue
5.This is how water is transported in mosses
6.An organism's ability to alter or "mold" itself in response to local enviormental conditions.
7.This will carry nutrients, such as glucose, throughout the plant. (2 Words)
8.This structure carries water up the plant
11.This type of Angiosperm has floral parts in 3s and one cotyledon
12.This adaptaion was to attract insects like butterflies with a sweet liquid
14.This was evovled to collect has much sunlight as possible
16.This allowed plants to adapt and move away from water

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