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Ender's Game

Ellie Carroll

Clues from the Book Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

2 3  
  6             7 8
  9 10            
11 12              

1.Ender's real name
4.Ender's Sister
5.The number order for Ender in his family
6.The boy Ender beats up at beginning of book
10.name of aliens
11.Girl in Salamander Army
13.Name of new recruits
1.Game called Buggers & ____________________
2.2nd army Ender was in
3.Colonel Graff's job at Commander School
7.Ender's brother who wants to kill him
8.type of suitsworn during battles at Battle school
9.Army commander that Ender kills
12.name of planet where Commander School is

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