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Money Terms


The best way to start on the right path to financial wellness is to learn more about personal finances. Here are some of the most common terms you’ll encounter as you learn more about managing your personal finances.

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1.The difference between your financial assets and your financial liabilities
6.Something you own, and includes cash, savings accounts, and personal property
8.This individual can help you with your personal financial situation, including investments and savings goals.
9.An introductory interest rate offered by credit card companies. When this period is over, the rate typically increases dramatically.
10.Earnings after subtracting out expenses and taxes
11.A document that shows your spending goals for the month or year
2.A tax professional who can help you in planning a tax strategy, and can prepare your tax returns for you
3.Interest earned on interest that was earned in prior periods
4.An amount that you owe. For example, home loan, car loans, credit card bills,
5.A financial statement that shows your financial assets
7.The total amount of money that you make, before subtracting expenses and taxes

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