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Mikayla Emily Melissa Carter

  2 3
5           6      
  10 11             12

4.Which functional group contains ketones and aldehydes?
5.A storage polysaccharide of plants is ___.
7.The water molecule is composed of two hydrogen atoms joined to the oxygen atom by single ___ bonds.
9.A ___ is similar to a fat, but has only 2 fatty acids attached to glycerol rather than 3.
11.Which functional group is polar as a result of the electronegative oxygen atom drawing electrons towards itself?
14.___ are lipids characterized by a carbon skeleton consisting of four fused rings.
15.___ include both sugars and the polymers of sugars.
16.Substances that are nonionic and nonpolar are said to be ___.
17.___ isomers differ in the covalent arrangement of their atoms.
1.___ are macromolecules joined by glycosidic linkages.
2.___ are substances that minimize changes in concentrations of H+ and OH- in a solution.
3.The energy of motion
4.The hydrogen bonds hold the substance together; a phenomenon called ___.
6.The carbohydrate used by arthropods to build their exoskeletons is ___.
8.A ___ reaction occurs when monomers are connected through loss of a water molecule.
10.Which functional group acts as a base and can pick up a proton from the surrounding solution?
12.___ are grouped together because they share 1 important trait: they have little to no affinity for water.
13.Polymers are disassembled to monomers by ___.

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