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Molecular Genetics

Connor, Patryk, Zachary & Keegan

DNA,Replication, Transcription, Translation, Technology and Whatnot.

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5.What is the synthesis of RNA under the direction of DNA?
6.What is the Alterations of an afflicted individuals genes, to treat disorders traceable to a single defective gene?
9.What is the enzyme that untwists the DNA strand at the replication forks, separating the two strands and creating parental template strands?
11.mRNA is key in the synthesis of what organic compound?
15.What are the segments of the lagging strand called? (named after Japanese scientist)
16.What purine pairs with the pyrimidine cytosine?
1.What is the direct manipulation of genes for practical purposes?
2.What enzyme cuts out damaged DNA strands & fills in the resulting gap with complementary nucleotides?
3.The synthesis of a polypeptide, that occurs under direction of mRNA?
4.What are mRNA nucliotide base triplets?
7.What is the systematic study of full protien sts encoded by genomes?
8.What is the manipulation of organisms or their compounds to make useful products?
10.What nucleotide sequences do not contain genes & instead protect the DNA molecule from excessive erosion through sucessive rounds of DNA replication?
12.A substitution mutation that an altered codon makes sense but not necessarily the right sense.
13.What is tRNA's relaxation of base pairing rules called? (its why multiple codons for the same amino acids differ in the third base)
14.What kind of RNA is involved in regulation of gene expression?

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