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Earth Science Chapters 10-12

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3.A mudflow is erosion caused by rainfall and _______
4.The continental _______ is part of the continent that extends underwater into the ocean.
6.The speed of _____ helps to predict how fast an approaching storm will arrive.
7.Water that flows over the earth's surface and into streams.
9.When air contains too much ________, humidity is high.
12.Soil is a mixture of weathered rocks, and remains of plants and ______.
14.________ climate has high temperatures and humidity
16.A change is air pressure means a change in _______
18.Freezing water and growing tree roots cause _______ weathering of rocks.
20.An area where runoff drains into a river and its tributaries is a ________ basin.
22.A _______ measures air temperature.
23.The water cycle is the continuous _______ of water between the atmosphere and Earth's surface.
26.__________ is the breaking down of rocks on the earth's surface.
28.A _________ measures humidity.
1.A ________ is used to find wind direction.
2._____ climate has cold temperatures and little precipitation
5._______ is the wearing away and moving of weathered rock and soil.
8.A ___________ is a spring that lies close to hot rock or magma.
10._______ climate has the greatest weather changes.
11.A glacier moves loose rocks and soil downhill until it melts and deposits sediment in ridges or _______.
13.An air mass has the same temperature & ________ throughout.
15.Large stream of water in the ocean caused by winds.
17.This tool measures air pressure
18.The _______ ridge is an underwater mountain chain.
19.An ______ measures wind speed
21.This tool measures amount of rainfall
24.A _____ forms when a river deposits sediment where it empties into a lake or ocean
25.Reservoirs are artificial ______ that store large amounts of fresh water.
27.Groundwater sinks into the ground until it comes to a solid ____ layer that it cannot move through.

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