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Skeletal System


Bones and organs of the body

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1.another term for jaw
4.another term for shin
5.bones of the wrist
7.bones on the spine
9.enamel in the mouth
10.a vertebrae very near the neck
15.other term for skull
19.between the toes and ankles
20.real term for shoulder blade
22.what does the ribs protect that helps us breathe
24.part of the rib cage
25.Bone in the lower part of the arm near the joint
27.i am another term for thigh
1.bones of the palm
2.this vertebrae is a bone very near the pelvis
3.what main organ does the ribs protect that pumps blood
6.cord in the spine
8.this is the breast bone
11.ankle bone
12.real term for collar bone
13.im a funny bone
14.this is the kneecap
16.sounds a bit like lilly
17.term for toes or fingers
18.protected by the cranium
21.common term for llium
23.i am a tailbone with a cc
25.a cage enclosing your organs
26.long length of bones going down your back
28.a bone near the hands

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