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Skeletal and Muscular System

Professor A.M. Cougside

about your muscles and bones.

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1.rhymes with 'nutella'
3.a bone near the pelvis starting with 'c'
6.more commonly known as feet
9.Can also be called pelvis
10.the part of your spine right near your head
11.your upper leg bone. It is the longest bone in your body
13.a lot of people call it quads
15.More commonly known as your shoulder blade
19.The bones that protect your heart and lungs
22.the muscle near your tibia
24.your hand
2.the lower part of your spine
4.The correct word for skull
5.lower part of your leg starting with 't'
7.the upper part of your spine
8.near your hand, it is commonly known as your wrist
10.also known as the Clavicle
12.lower arm bone starting with 'u'
14.The correct name for this is the humerus
16.It's scientific name is the sternum
17.The proper name for your fingers and toes
18.near your ribs starting with 'a'
19.a lower arm bone starting with 'r'
20.lower part of your leg starting with 'f'
21.it's scientific name is tarsals, near your foot
23.also known as the mandible

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