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Sports and Entertainment Marketing

J. G.

  3         4
5 6     7  
      9 10    
    13         14    

3.Average number of hours people spend watching TV
8.Famous theatre which opened in Hollywood in 1927
11.Nick name of the music producer Sean Combs
12.____________________ cost (e.g. studying or watching playoff hockey)
13.City in which Disney World is located
15.Name of animated movie starring M. J. and Buggs Bunny
1.First known plays were performed here
2.Popular phrase given by A. Schwarzenegger in this movie
4."Who wants to be a millionaire?" originated in this country
5.Staged battles in the Coliseum
6.Car featured in the movie "The Italian Job"
7.Methods used for communicating or transmitting information
9.Popular beverage endorsed by Britney Spears
10.A short term popular trend, such as yo-yos or hula hoops
14.This type of music craze was generated by the film Saturday Night Fever

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