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Plant Cells and Their Parts! By Katelyn Mays

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Use your knowledge from this semester about plant cell parts along with your notes to complete the crossword puzzle. Good luck!

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1.Controls materials in and out - inside nucleus
5.Rare in plants due to photosynthesis - digests food and broken cell parts using enzymes - venus fly trap
9.Jelly-like substance that organelles float in inside the cell
11.What makes the cell green - traps sunlight and converts it to chemical energy - contains chlorophyll (what really makes it green)
12.Stores water, food, and waste - keeps plant stem upright due to its size and rigidity - can take up most of the cell space
13.Outside protective wall
14.Control center - the BRAIN - regulates activities
2.Inside the cell wall - controls materials in and out - 8 millionths of a mm thick!
3.Supply energy to the cell by breaking down sugars - kidney bean shaped
4.ER - carries proteins through the cell - system of passageways
6.On the ER - "protein factory" - carried by the ER through the cell - synthesize proteins
7.Thin, rod-shaped, carry on traits
8.Makes ribosomes - smaller nucleus
10.What the shape of the plant cell is - human cells are circular and plants are the opposite

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