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Favorite Things to Eat

Mama Shannon

This is a simple puzzle for my 7-year old daughter.

  4 5      
6 7   8  
10         11   12    
13         14       15            
21         22

3.This green vegetable looks like a little tree.
4.Cole mom sometimes gets a bag of these in the morning.
9.This red berry is a special treat.
11.Selina likes to eat this sour, yellow fruit at restaurants.
13.You can make guacamole out of this.
15.This is good in a lunch box with crackers.
16.This is on the bottom of a piece of sushi.
18.This is good boiled, fried or scrambled.
19.This cold, milky food is good with berries in it.
20.You eat this with chop sticks.
21.This is nice to spread on toast.
23.A slice of this is good at Uncommon Ground or home made with fresh crust.
1.You get one of these on your birthday.
2.This berry is good in oatmeal.
5.It is hard to eat this when you lose your front teeth!
6.This is best with bones and fat.
7.At Panera, this doesn't have any vegetables in it.
8.This is good in a lunch box with cheese.
10.Selina likes this as much as a rabbit!
12.This orange fruit is good fresh, dried or frozen.
14.This is yummy with sushi and noodles.
17.The guinea pigs AND the people like to eat this.
21.This is made out of a pig and goes well with eggs.
22.This little fruit is really a dried grape.

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