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Life English Puzzle

3   4       5  
6             7       8
  9 10    
  11   12              
13           14     15

1.This person cooks food in a restaurant. (Hint: Not a cook).
4.It's a woman's shirt.
6.This person helps students.
7.My favorite pants are blue _____.
12.Did shirt is too big. Do you have anything ______?
13.This month comes after August.
16.She's about 40 ______ old.
17.Her hair is very _____.
1.Her hair isn't straight, it's c_____.
2.You wear this when it's cold outside.
3.Men wear this around their neck.
5.It's a kind of shoe.
6.Mike isn't 30. He's younger, he's in his t_______.
8.He has s_____ hair.
9.This month comes after September.
10.It's the first month of the year.
11.That's so expensive! Do you have anything _______?
14.We don't say "Golden Hair" in English. We say _______ hair.
15.The basketball player was very _____.

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